Woody Allen Rejected Claims of Sexual Abuse by Marianne Williamson

Woody Allen Rejected Claims of Sexual Abuse by Marianne Williamson – Another Play

Woody Allen rejects claims of sexual abuse by his former employee, Marianne Williamson. Allen was accused of sexually abusing a young woman whose name is suggestive of an abusive personality. Woody Allen has been accused of ignoring the complaints of the woman and not acting to stop her progress towards mental illness. In view of this, why would Allen reject a claim of sexual abuse?

First of all, sexual abuse by any person – male or female, young or old, must be taken seriously. Even when no sex took place, it is still an abuse. We must understand that in most cases we will never really know whether or not someone was at fault. We must consider all possibilities. There are certain defenses that may apply in some cases and not in others. In fact, it is often the defense of a guilty mind that is used against a victim of sexual abuse.

Secondly, it should be noted that Woody Allen did not author this particular article nor has any involvement with the article. His name is simply a common name. This is yet another example of his famous quips, “If you think I’m smart enough to play a joke, you’re stupid enough to give me a chance.” In essence, he does not believe that anyone should ever accuse a famous person of sexual abuse without knowing the full facts.

Third, Woody Allen is a skilled craftsman. He knows when something is merely a play. In this case, he understands that Marianne Williamson is playing a part, even if unconsciously, in the play she is forcing on him. To reject her on this basis would be to reject half of the play.

Fourth, he strongly suggests that we should never assume guilt until all the facts are in. While no one can know for sure what happened to Marianne during those years, Woody Allen strongly suggests that we should take all reasonable steps to learn the truth. As he says in his play The Glass Menagerie: “It’s better to ask questions and know the answer than to assume. Never presume. Never!”

Finally, Woody Allen highlights the need to be careful how we view art – especially when it comes to women and children. The sexual abuse in this play elicits many negative reactions both in the theatre and on-stage. Nevertheless, Woody Allen knows that we live in a world where forgiveness is often an option when the circumstances call for it.

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