Why Punjab Suspends Physical Education?

Punjab is amongst the developing countries in India, which is famous for its liberal attitude, spiritual enlightenment, and observance of cultural practices. It is one of the few states in India which has a progressive attitude towards the promotion of a healthier lifestyle through its physical education curriculum. The aim of this educational sector in Punjab is to develop well-rounded students so that they can participate effectively in the workforce of the country. As per the latest statistics, Punjab has emerged as one of the leading states of India for physical education with an excellent growth rate in every division.

The curriculum of Punjab education includes several subjects like Ayurveda, naturopathy, acupuncture, yoga, geology, biology, physics, chemistry, physics, nutrition, homeopathy, and herbal treatment. A large number of foreign universities have also come forward to establish their facilities in India. With the growing popularity of these programs, more students from abroad are enrolling in various institutes in India. This rise in student intake has made Punjab one of the most favored destinations for medical education in India.

The major objective of a physical education program is to promote a healthy lifestyle by inculcating healthy habits and thought patterns in an individual. A student who is enrolled in such a program is considered fit for taking up the job he has chosen. As per the latest surveys, Punjab has emerged as the best place for physical education in India. The quality of the education and the physical environment of the campus have a great role to play in deciding the success of the course.

A healthy lifestyle is promoted by the implementation of sports and recreational activities on the campus. There is a strong focus on maintaining personal hygiene as well as an overall physical fitness level. Many students feel that such extracurricular activities instill a sense of social bonding and community spirit in them. They, therefore, find it easier to connect with their peers and fellow students.

After completing a full course curriculum, students are awarded an associate degree. Higher education institutions also offer diploma courses. In recent times, there has been a rising demand for students looking to take up higher education. This is primarily due to the increasing importance of professional certification. Such professionals need to be equipped with certificates issued by recognized bodies so that they can apply for better careers.

The result of the research has indicated that there is a drastic improvement in the health and general well-being of students in Punjab. Their performance in life has increased and their immunity levels are very high. This leads to a reduction in the rate of occurrence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. The rate of death has also come down. Thus we can conclude that the benefits of such a program are immense.

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