Why Pakistan supports Jordan’s Strength

Why Pakistan supports Jordan’s Strength

“We’re not second class citizens in Pakistan. We’re a great nation. Our economy is growing, our people are healthy, and our military is among the most powerful in the world. There can be no clearer statement.”

These words came from Pakistan’s ambassador to Jordan, Dr. Jaaji Muhammad Hanif. He visited Amman, Jordan, on an official visit to convey support for Jordan’s defense of its people and stability. During his speech to the Security Council, he stated that, “We are not second class citizens.” He went on to detail how his country’s support for Jordan has been channeled toward the protection of its people, especially during times of war, and how his country’s security is an “unconditional commitment.”

The ambassador went on to say, “A strong and stable Morocco stands as a pillar of protection for the residents of Jordan and contributes to the stability and economic growth of both countries. Trade flows and financial obligations continue between both countries. Both our governments work hand-in-hand to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation.” He went on to say that, “our shared border serves as a trade and investment resource and gateway to the Middle East.”

A strong and stable Pakistan also stands as a pillar of security for Jordan’s residents. Economic benefits aside, the people of Jordan depend on the trade and monetary flow between both nations. Without proper support, the economic conditions between the two nations will deteriorate, causing commerce to go stagnant or even decline. In other words, the Jordanians will suffer, while Pakistan suffers.

As a leading democracy, Pakistan respects its neighbors. In fact, it considers itself to be a part of the international community. It offers economic and political support to all its allies including Jordan and believes that is one of its top priorities. In doing so, it shows other nations that it is a friend and does not seek to dictate the laws of other nations or dictate the political future of other nations. However, this doesn’t mean that it ignores its own domestic sphere.

Pakistan’s support to Jordan is not only limited to trade and investment. It also includes military and financial support. The kingdom is also looking to invest millions in the United States and European Union to develop its defense programs. To put it simply, if Pakistan gives financial and security assistance to its close neighbor, then it would definitely help in boosting Jordan’s image and standing in the world community and boost its economy.

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