Water Supply To Several Areas And How It Is Supplied

Water Supply To Several Areas And How It Is Supplied

Water supply to several areas in Dhaba village has always been a major concern of the residents. For the people living in the village, they can never be too sure when the next severe power breakdown will occur that would disrupt their water supply and cooking facilities as well. Since many of the homes in Dhaba village have either been built on farms or in rented houses, there are many rural people who do not have running water facility at their homes. The people living here depend almost entirely on the power supply to cook food and take water for drinking purposes.

The Dhaba power breakdown has affected almost all houses in this village. Water supply to these areas was severely hampered when the main power plant at Dhaba collapsed on 6 April. This forced the evacuation of almost all the rural residents from their homes along with the vehicles as well. Most of the vehicles were damaged beyond repair, even though they could still carry some amount of water. Only those individuals who could not get out of the vehicles were left behind in the damaged areas.

The residents of the villages had to stay indoors since they could not risk travelling through the damaged areas where there was no water or electricity supply. Even those who could travel to other nearby areas had to be escorted by police for their safety. These areas are completely dependent on the water supply and the power breakdown has made it impossible for them to function normally. They are so used to having an uninterrupted water supply that they have lost their ability to even do day-to-day activities like washing and cleaning. The elderly and children in these areas cannot even go to school now since they are unable to go to the water supply sheds to fetch water or clean their cloths.

The Dhaba power breakdown also affected the surrounding areas and these areas have also become totally inaccessible. The displaced people from these areas are residing in the nearby townships and they cannot leave their houses until the area is fully rebuilt. There are numerous camps that have been set up in these areas and the inhabitants are staying in these camps due to lack of space inside the houses. The children have been asked to stay at home for the time being while the adults are undergoing training at Dhaba Technical Institute to prepare them for the tough situations in the future.

There are also few areas that are prone to the Dhaba power breakdown in the future. These areas include Dharamshala, Chamba, and Srinagar. These three places have a lack of pure drinking water and most of the residents there are using borehole or wells to supply them with the required water. They are finding it difficult to survive without the water supply as they are already facing problems like food scarcity.

Water has been the life source for the inhabitants of these areas for many years. The water from these wells or boreholes has to be carefully handled so as to avoid any contamination. If not, it can cause disastrous havoc. Experts advise to take proper precautions before putting in these boreholes or wells. The power cut is one of the major reasons which force the people to use the underground water resources. It is also necessary to provide healthy water to the residents so that they do not suffer from any health problems.

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