Stepping Into the World of Management Colleges

Stepping Into the World of Management Colleges

The Steven Institute of Technology has many branches in USA and UK. The branches are known for their quality of education, research work, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, creative industry work as well as hands-on business applications. The school also emphasizes the contribution of diversity when it comes to training students, staffs and post-graduates. In fact, diversity is an important principle that is part of all the school’s policies and programs.

The school has branches in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Brisbane, Queensland; Delhi, India and Tokyo, Japan. Each of these cities has its own unique background that offers a brilliant chance to international students looking to gain knowledge of different fields while studying in a perfect educational environment. The Delhi branch of the school is well known for its multicultural work and integration with Indian culture. The other branches include the well known Brisbane campus, the one that attracts the attention of students looking to make use of technology. The school in Ann Arbor promises to provide bright and talented minds to enterprising businesses while the campus in Brisbane provides excellent courses in Information Systems, Computer Applications and more.

The Chennai campus is well known for its progressive attitude in education and research. It has earned a lot of appreciation due to its various programs in computer science, engineering, and software and continues to prove itself as a world leader. The Hyderabad campus concentrates on providing a holistic education and contributes much towards the information technology industry. The Chennai Institute of Technology has over 300 established businesses working together. The Hyderabad Institute of Technology manages to create several employment options including IT graduates who can pursue better jobs in companies like Microsoft, Cisco and others.

The Boston institute has branches in New England, Cape Cod and Maine. The technology applied here focuses on information technology, applied science, business administration and engineering. These endeavors have made Boston a hub of information technology commerce. The Seattle Institute of Technology also emphasizes on providing quality education and research opportunities.

There are also MBA in Management programs from STANSS – Stanford University. These programs focus on areas like finance, accounting, economics and information science. MBA students learn about the managerial aspects of various businesses as well as leadership. The Melbourne Institute of Management offers two management programs, one focusing on global challenges and the other on local concerns. MBA in Business Administration is also offered at the Institute.

The London management school, University of London offers both management and finance programs. In the UK, the Chartered Institute of Accounting Education, based at the City University of New York, offers both degree programs as well as a Masters in Accounting. Indian Institute of Technology in India, commonly referred to as the Indian Institute of Technology, also offers a management program for professionals. The Masters programs provide advanced understandings in accounting, finance, management, and other related subjects.

Other Indian centers for learning technology include Zendesk, Institute of Technology Delhi, and Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. Zendesk is well known for its pro-corporate programs and extracurricular activities. IIT-Delhi focuses on technology transfer and international collaboration. Institute of Technology Delhi offers a variety of courses in manufacturing, business, and engineering as well as management.

International students looking for a more encompassing approach to education can opt for IT-based courses offered by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Many top-notch colleges in India also offer distance learning programs, such as those from Zendesk. India has the world’s largest IT industry and there are countless BPO companies operating here. This has given rise to several IT-based outsourcing centers. These BPOs or third-party service providers run by multinational corporations to help students with their career ambitions. The institutes listed above are just a few of the many management institutes that are found in India today.

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