Who Else Wants to See the Famous Til Schweiger?

Til Schweiger is a German-born actor, writer, and director. In the late sixties he joined the band of the same name, which became timeline 4. He has since gone on to play numerous roles in both cinema and theater, most notably in Do Not Play This Adult Now. In 1986 he received a star on the award winning television show, The Man Who Played Go. Following this he continued to work in television, playing recurring guest roles in such films as Day at the Zoo, Frasier, Cheers, Roseanne, Chuck and Field of Dreams, among others.


In 1990 Til Schweiger returned to German, where he gained a reputation for his acting abilities, which led to him landing various roles in both Germany and the U.K. Two teachers, Reinhold Vollander and Gunilla Schubert, encouraged him to try out for a role in a German film that they were making. He was then approached by Gunilla Schubert, who at the time was working as a script editor on a film involving the two teachers. Tilda Swinton, a name that strikes one as being associated with British television programs such as Doctor Who and Yes, maister, was attached as an assistant to Vollander and she suggested that he consider taking the role. He was so impressed with her performance that he signed on the same day.


Til Schweiger has worked very hard to establish his reputation as an actor in the U.K. In fact, he only had a few small films prior to Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As well as helping to launch his career, Tim Burton used him as a model for the villain of the film. He has also been nominated for an Academy Award for his performances in People and Still Life, as well as winning awards for the same. The success of his film has led to more success for him as an actor in other mediums.


Til Schweiger lives in London and is currently one of the producers behind the British import The Prince of darkness. He is co-writing and starring in the film alongside Guy Ritchie. In fact, he recently featured in the Tim Burton movie Black Rain, playing the role of Draula Flassco. The movie, which is due to start shooting this summer, will most likely debut at the Sundance Film Festival this year.


Til Schweiger first came to the attention of audiences when he was cast as the main lead in the gritty German film Die Nibelungen, playing an aging but still strong German crime boss who takes on a new apprentice, Martin Bormioli (Ben Kingsley), who is nothing like his father. The film managed to garner critical acclaim and went on to earn Till then two nominations for an Academy Award for Best Music, Original Score. Though the movie failed to receive a third nomination, it was one of the few films in Germany at the time that wasn’t released in the United States. After the negative publicity, however, the producers made an agreement with the film’s director, Dietrich Flocard to turn the film into a Spanish language version instead. The result was Valentino, a feature-length drama about the late German politician and singer, Barthe le Brucke that was received warmly by both audiences and the press upon its release in Spain.


Though Til Schweiger has appeared in some excellent films, including The Damned United, I am certain that his greatest role to date will be the lead role in the upcoming vampire film, Blood Ties. A spin-off of the successful Twilight saga, Blood Ties revolves around a charismatic vampire who returns to London after his previous engagements are severed. While there are no current reports mantis acting, I am convinced that we will witness a very likable version of Schweiger in the upcoming project. If he can bring out his acting abilities to the next level, Blood Ties will most certainly receive a standing ovation from those of us who loved watching him in his earlier movies.


Another one of Til Schweiger’s best known roles was as the wolf in the movie The Prophecy. As a result of being associated with a hit television series, the wolf will appear in the upcoming Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer as well as the forthcoming Men in Black: New York. Tim is also currently filming the starring role in the action-thriller titled World in Conflict opposite Chris Evans. The former Eastwood veteran has also worked on several other movies including Unforgiven, Tombstone, and Crazy Heart. It should come as no surprise if Til starts appearing in at least a couple more movies in the near future.


In between all of his varied acting work, however, Til Schweiger has found time to pen some well-regarded books regarding a subject close to his heart – the life of Christ. In 2004, the then-unknown German actor published Christophthalmos, which was later made into a movie. While no official release date for that film has been given, it was recently released in the UK and has received warm reviews. Till we get an official release from the producers, readers can only hope that this is the book that Christophthalmos will be based upon. In any event, Til Schweiger has proven throughout his film career that he has the acting chops to delve into some of the more classic Christian themes.

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