Saba Qamar’s fiance Cleared of Sexual Harassment Charges

Saba Qamar’s fiance Cleared of Sexual Harassment Charges

Last week, Saba Qamar received an email from a “former associate professor” at George Mason University in Virginia who claimed to have information regarding campus sexual harassment. In an emailed statement to the university, Qamar called the allegations “baseless and untrue.” In her statement she denied that she had knowledge of any such incidents ever taking place. But just days later, emails began to surface indicating that she may have been involved in one or more cases. I have written this article to ask her whether the university has been investigating these allegations properly.


Saba Qamar is a Pakistani American woman who is currently the fiancee of an Army officer. She is also active in patriotic and religious causes on her own, including serving as president of a local mosque. Her involvement in national political and social issues is also part of her personal life. This article will examine the nature of the charges that she is facing, and the possibility that they are politically motivated. In the process I will present you with some of the reasons I believe these charges to be politically motivated.


According to an article in the Washington Times, a former employee of the George Mason University (GWU) claims to have evidence that Saba Qamar’s fiance, Ayan Muhammed, engaged in sexual harassment over a period of three years at the school. The article indicates that this was not a one-time incident, but an ongoing pattern of harassment that ultimately led to his firing from the school. The writer further indicates that this harassment was not limited to any one individual, but took place repeatedly over a period of at least one year. This information comes at a time when GWU is under fire for failing to respond adequately to reports of racial discrimination and other forms of harassment on campus. (see below)


Other school administrators and members of the school’s fraternity and sorority community have also come under fire for inadequately handling complaints of harassment on campus. A recent case in point involved thector, Robert Mahoney, who was removed as vice president for academic affairs and dean of students following complaints of harassment. Another case involves a member of the school’s student union, who recently faced harassment from members of the fraternity, while another has to do with the campus rape victim who suffered at the hands of a fraternity brother. It appears that in these instances the school has not handled the complaints properly and as a result it is no wonder that both the Saba Qamar’s fiance and the brothers of the fraternity have faced such severe backlash.


But just why are these allegations against Saba Qamar’s fiance so serious? As we have seen, this is just the latest in a series of events that has occurred involving the Saba Qamar’s fiance and her former husband. These events have taken place in the backdrop of a recent controversy in which Saba Qamar took to Facebook to defend her husband after he was accused of forcing her to perform sex on him when she was not willing to. In doing so, she used her Facebook page to write that she “was simply trying to show him that I have love for him and he needed to prove himself wrong by making love to me again.” A few days later, she posted again on the same page, “He is not a bad person and I forgave him and I told him so in front of his friends.”


In the past few weeks, as these events have transpired, Saba Qamar’s fiance has been subjected to dozens of death threats from both online and offline, as well as a number of unwelcome sexual advances. And while the school has made public statements regarding their zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment, we have seen very little from them regarding their policies regarding sexual assault or other types of sexual harassment. At this point in time, it appears that Saba Qamar’s fiance has been subjected to a battery of harassment on her own campus by members of her own fraternity and by her own fraternity brother. This situation must be reviewed very carefully by the authorities so that justice can be served and not just the perpetrators getting off Scott free.

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