PM Imran Khan Tasks Party Must Not Miss at Any Cost

PM Imran Khan Tasks Party Must Not Miss at Any Cost

It seems that the PM’s task list for next year is to promote the accomplishments of PM’s government, which he had herself created on his first day in office. This is a very dangerous game, this is a game of politics, and whoever supports her will be consoling PM as he suffers a defeat at the polls. In the last week we saw the prime minister trying to do exactly that, and his cabinet colleagues joined him in trying to undermine her. The whole thing is not helping Pakistan’s future.


The people of Pakistan have a right to know what goes on at their prime minister’s job, especially when there are reports that his ministers are trying to remove him and pave the way for a new PM. There is a severe problem in the country and it is at the centre of all political machinations. Without full and fair Transparency, our democracy will cease to exist and the people would lose faith in institutions. If you want to run a country, you have to be accountable for your actions.


As far as accountability is concerned, it was rightly pointed out that PM must have submitted his Cabinet papers before taking up his job. If the government cannot produce these documents, they cannot be called legitimate. If the government cannot produce a file before hand that includes all cabinet appointments, then they should return the responsibility to the ministry of home affairs. It is the duty of the government to provide documentation to the opposition parties on its portfolio so that they can scrutinize and assess its merits. However, if there is no file available for the cabinet, the house will find the files and the job of PM automatically becomes a burden.


Accountability means something else altogether. Accountability means preventing corruption at the political level. If the PM is found to be gifting political favors to his cabinet colleagues, he will be performing an unethical act and that will become an issue at the time of going to the polls. A prime responsibility of any government official is to promote trust so that the people can vote for them in the forthcoming elections.


Another such task is the performance of the country in foreign policy. A new government will not be successful unless it develops good relations with other countries. This policy will become futile unless the PM takes up a task to promote goodwill. He must not take up the option of selfish interests and choose only the national interest. The prime responsibility of any government official is to promote the country’s growth and help it grow.


Some people might criticize this particular duty of the prime minister. They say that all the portfolios must go through the scrutiny of a single person. However, if the person responsible for the portfolio also enhances the country’s image at the same time, he will be performing a dual task. The job of party leader and head of state must not be mixed up. If the party does not have enough leaders to run the country properly, the party will be performing two separate tasks.

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