Pakistan to Vaccinate Citizens Within a Year

The Ministry of Health in Pakistan has announced that within a year, all Pakistani citizens will be required to receive certain vaccinations. These vaccinations include polio, rotavirus, diphtheria, meningitis, hepatitis, pertussis, measles, mumps and a host of other diseases. As many as 21 million children have not received any of these important doses of vaccines. Many of these children die from diseases not receiving these crucial shots. This is the largest recorded incidence of child deaths from lack of vaccination in history.

The announcement by the Ministry of Health is part of their efforts to eradicate polio and other dreaded diseases. The last two decades have seen a resurgence in poliovirus cases. In response to this new outbreak, the Ministry of Health has taken unprecedented steps to ensure the safety of the public. They have now declared a public health emergency and ordered all healthcare providers to be fully vaccinated and staff to be trained in administering vaccinations.

Within a year, all Pakistani citizens will be required by law to receive one year of mandatory vaccinations. This is a tremendous boon for those parents who lost confidence in their own abilities to protect their children. It is especially heartening for parents living in rural areas where the disease was traditionally treated with traditional methods. Many people, afraid of travelling, did not dare travel to areas of the world where these deadly diseases were widespread. Now, they can travel and enjoy traveling once more.

The fact that all children will receive a vaccination by the year end is particularly welcome news. This means that every single child in the country will have received a dose of the vaccine by the year end. A further benefit of this is that Pakistani girls who did not receive a dose of the vaccine when they were pregnant will now be given a shot.

Of course, there will still be many children who do not receive a vaccination by the year end. If you are concerned about your child not receiving one, you need not worry any longer. You will be able to arrange a vaccination at the last minute. There is no fee involved. There will also be no paperwork involved.

Of course, getting the vaccine is not instantaneous. In fact, it may take months before your child receives his or her first dose. This is primarily due to the fact that many of the necessary vaccines have been combined in order to maximize their effectiveness. Only after they have been combined can they be administered.

Once a child receives his or her first dose, he or she will receive booster shots two weeks later. Two weeks is the standard period of time needed for the combination of vaccines to work. However, if there is an unexpected outbreak of any diseases within a country, the entire year end vaccination schedule may need to be adjusted. This means that children who were in vaccinated will have to receive the entire year’s schedule. That would obviously be a heavy strain on any state’s resources, especially when there is an outbreak.


Although Pakistan is making great strides in terms of its public health system, it must continue to improve. It needs more resources in order to successfully implement a year-end vaccination program. However, it is doing all it can to make sure that every child receives the HPV vaccine. Those who are concerned about receiving the vaccine may speak with their local county public health office. They can be confident that their concerns will be addressed and that they will be able to receive the vaccine once it becomes available.

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