North Korea Will Not Join The International Community

North Korea Will Not Join The International Community – Why Do They Think So?

North Korea will not join the Olympics, but why? Well, it is interesting that as tensions continue to rise with North Korea; that the Olympic Games has become an option for nations. Indeed, if North Korea is isolated and cut off from the rest of the world, then the Olympic Games would be a perfect way for nations to get together and do something positive for their people and economy. It’s hard to say if North Korea will actually do something in the upcoming months or years, but if they already have too much weaponry and nuclear weapons pointed at the United States and other major players on the planet, well you can understand they might say no. However, we can be sure that if North Korea does join the Olympics, they will use those weapons and show the world what a threat they are.

There have been several nations which have tried to get North Korea to join the Olympics, most unsuccessfully. The United States was one of these nations; however, they ultimately declined to offer North Korea any assistance. If the United States was to offer assistance to North Korea at this time; it would put them in a very bad position indeed. They have a huge trade deficit with North Korea, and would be cut off from international monetary flows. Not good.

North Korea has a centrally planned economy with a centrally planned government. They are highly collectivized. The Kim family earns money through black markets and theft of government assets. That is why no one knows for sure where the wealth is coming from, but it is most likely not coming from the government. Nor is there any evidence of it.

North Korea is one of the most isolated nations on the face of the earth. In fact, all the commerce between North Korea and the rest of the world goes through the Chinese border. China is North Korea’s main trading partner and it helps keep the peace between the two countries. They have no problem sharing information, but they do not want the outside world getting too involved in their internal affairs. And North Korea knows that if they are not careful; the US will startle and impose sanctions on them. They may react in kind and then have no choice but to back down.

North Korea does have neighbors; they are also isolated. And North Korea cannot afford to lose even one of its friends. So they will continue to develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) to reach anywhere in the world within the next couple of decades. A war between the US and North Korea is not out of the question. It is possible and the chances are strong that it could come to a shooting war. And if that happens; there is a good chance that North Korea will not only surrender; they may also attack South Korea or Japan.

The United Nations needs to get tough here. North Korea must be sanctioned severely and all trades need to stop immediately until such time that they can come join the international community. If they refuse; there will be war. The United States of America and her allies are very well aware of this reality. So why do North Korea’s leadership think that they can win a military conflict with the United States of America? This is a question that needs to be answered.

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