Why Is Google So Popular? A Graduate Students Guide to Understanding Google

You may have heard of Google, but you might not know how it actually became one of the most popular companies in the world. You may be surprised to know that Google was formed by two Stanford graduates who were attending Harvard University in 1998. Larry Page and Stanford professor Mark Zuckerberg made an idea to monetize the web through Search Engine Optimization. They were not successful in monetizing the web at that time, but they eventually formed a company to make their dream a reality.



According to Wikipedia, Google was founded as a result of two developments. The first development was called the Google logo, which is a geometric design containing two parallel lines. The second development was the selection of a name for the new company. The name that they chose was googolplex. In today’s day and age it is very difficult to remember who started what.


In its earliest years, Google was nothing more than an internet search engine. It was no different than the other search engines that existed at the time such as Yahoo and MSN. At this point in time it is easy to understand how Google came into being. It began as a simple internet search engine where users could type in a word or phrase and the search engine would return the most relevant information like anything on the web.


Due to the popularity of this system Google has grown over the years into what it is today. The use of Google AdSense is what enables Google to stay competitive and stay as a profitable company. AdSense is how Google makes money as it provides web site’s owners with ads that they can place on their website and users will click on these ads when they want to find something that is related to the ad that is displayed on their site.


This system has enabled Google to expand into all kinds of areas including e-commerce. If you look at what all the big dogs in the world to use as their search engines such as Yahoo and MSN, you will see that they all utilize some form of google at one point or another. You may be wondering exactly what gmail is. Gmail is Google’s instant messenger. If you are a college student then you have probably heard of this service as well. Basically it is just like an email service where you can chat with people and exchange messages with them from any location.


Now back to the original question, why is Google so popular? The reason is that Google is an excellent search engine. The quality of Google search results is not only good but the traffic that they generate is even better. People can stumble upon web pages of interest without paying a cent whereas if you advertise your web pages with other pay services such as Yahoo or MSN you may have to pay. So Google is a much cheaper alternative and it works.


To further understand how popular Google really is you must have an understanding of how search engines work. Whenever someone types something into the search box, this whatever it may be, is searched and its results are displayed immediately. Now what is great about Google is that it is not just a search engine; it is also a social networking tool. If you log into your Google account, you can see what other web pages are being talked about, who has visited them and what was said about them. This means that anyone can find information about virtually anything through Google.


One other reason why Google is so successful is that it has a huge community of users, which is extremely beneficial. You will often find topics and subjects about your field of interest on which you can get valuable information from Google. For example if you are graduate students of engineering, you can go to the Google Engineering site and find out what the latest news is regarding the field. This will give you a fascinating insight into how engineering is progressing day by day. This is just one example how valuable information can be got from Google, whether you are searching for information on a hobby, an e-mail address or just a topic about the latest gadget launched by Google.

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