Types of Office Space For Renting for Your Business

Types of Office Space For Renting for Your Business


There are many kinds of office spaces, but if you are looking for a new office for your company there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. The first thing is the location. The office space must fit in to your location and it’s also very important that the office fits into your company’s needs.


There are many different types of working environments available out there so you have a lot of options to choose from. For example you can choose from boardrooms, meeting rooms, one or two desks, laptops, and even telephones. There are 5 basic types of working environments mainly: Home Offices, Virtual Office, Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, and Co-Working Spaces. These are broken down into the type of working environment they provide for the person.


Boardrooms are usually a mix of business and private meeting rooms and they are very commonly used in companies. With many people travelling these days this is an essential part of any office spaces. You can choose from a modern design, wooden design, glass design and even a traditional design. Boardrooms are very suitable for small to medium sized businesses.


Virtual Offices are extremely flexible and allow the employee to be self contained. This is an open office layout where there is no formal organizational structure. This kind of office layout is quite popular for many people because it is extremely conducive for spontaneous work flow.


Virtual Office Offices is very popular and many people use this kind of office building when they want a temporary arrangement whilst their main business is being established. Virtual offices are extremely helpful for those who have a hectic lifestyle and cannot afford to move house. These kinds of office buildings allow you to work from home and have easy access to everything that you need.


Class B Office Buildings is usually rented on a monthly basis. They are normally large office spaces that are used for corporate events or conferences. Class B office spaces are suitable for many different business requirements and are class buildings that are located in urban or country areas.


Class C Office Buildings is usually meant for startups or individuals that are just starting their ventures. They are generally not used for long-term purposes and are mostly used for hosting seminars or for meetings. These types of office buildings offer you great facilities and amenities. Most of the time they are spacious and have great views. There are also some Class C office buildings that are equipped with conference rooms and meeting rooms that have LCD flat panel monitors.


East India is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and so is India’s office space market. It is because of this fast growth that there has been a huge demand for office space in east India. In India, apart from Gurgaon, other major cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata are also growing rapidly and have an eye catching office space. So it can be said that east India offers you not only great office space but the best office environment as well.


When it comes to selecting the suitable office for your startups, there are different types of options for you to choose from. You can either rent office space for as long as you wish or buy it outright. There are also various types of rented office spaces available depending on your choice and requirements. There are virtual offices, serviced offices, office suites, executive offices, small offices, medium offices and big offices.


Serviced offices are especially made keeping in mind the working needs of startups. The serviced offices are tailored to suit all the aspects and requirements of a startup. These offices typically used by many entrepreneurs who want to have an easy time to manage all the necessary things without having to leave their homes or offices. Since most of these serviced offices offer a 24 hours’ access facility along with high speed broadband internet, you are sure to work successfully even when travelling.


Executive offices are another popular option for startups. Executive offices basically comprise of different rooms or suites depending upon the size and structure of the business. Since they offer large and attractive spaces, you can use it to your advantage to draw attention of other people. In addition to this, they are equipped with different facilities inside such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, private boardrooms and board rooms along with other amenities. They are typically used by larger businesses to increase their visibility and network within the market.

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