Top Five Films by George Michael

Michael Cera is a Canadian-American actor, stand-up comedy artist, singer, and singer. He began his professional acting career as a kid actor, playing a young Chuck Barris on the television series, Chuck. He went on to play several different characters throughout his acting career, including a member of the sheriff in the award-winning film, Dances With Machines, and an army captain in the feature-length animated film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. More recently, he has gone from television to movies, playing the same character in the hit movie, World War Z.


Most recently, Cera has been nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Groovy Joe in the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. The film earned him an additional Oscar nomination, Best Original Screenplay, for his work in this film. Also, he recently garnered an uncountable number of wins for his roles in the television series Billions and Super Bowl XLV.


Much of Cera’s appeal comes from his age and the fact that he looks quite a bit like Noah Barris, the original Mr. Rabbit. The two actors share similar facial features, and they have been compared to one another in some reviews. As far as similarities go, though, Cera has more of an edge on the character, as he is a much better actor and a more experienced actor in general.


Cera’s best known role is probably his performance of Alex Cross in the 1999 film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The film follows Alex, Ted, and Ted’s friend, Craig, as they solve various puzzling tasks throughout the movie, like solving a brain puzzle. The movie is notable for its ending, which involves the three main characters leaping into the future. These events were later used in the Bill and Ted’s Bogus Band video game. However, the most well-known part of the movie is Alex Cross’ monologue, which he delivers while being shot by a machine gun. The monologue was later used in the TV series, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


Besides Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Cera also appeared in other comedies such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Alone, Edward Scissorhands, and A Christmas Carol. In Everybody Loves Raymond, Cera plays Kevin McCallister, who is the father flan, one of the main characters from the movie. McCallister is a very loving and responsible father, but is also a very laid-back and sarcastic jokester. He is the perfect father for two young children who are beloved by all. In Home Alone, Cera plays Kevin McCallister again, this time with the same character arc as in the aforementioned movies; he is still a loving, responsible father, but also a very laid-back and sarcastic jokester.


Another great comedy film starring Michael Cera that many people are familiar with is Superbad. Although it wasn’t as successful as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, it is still a pretty good film nonetheless. In Superbad, Michael Cera plays a prepubescent teenager who gets contracted to play the role of an exterminator in a high school science project. While on the job, he gets into trouble with a werewolf and a janitor, as well as the headmistress of the school.


One of the more oddball roles that Michael Cera has played in movies is that of a talking dog in the award winning documentary, Finding Nemo. While Cera’s canine friend is supposed to be mute, he can actually talk in some scenes. Though his voice sounds kind of squeaky at times, it is still very entertaining. The same can be said for the very short segment in Home Alone in which Michael Cera’s character is supposed to be a blindfolded prisoner who is forced to locate the baby rattlesnake in an underground prison.


As you can see, there are a lot of genres that George Michael has featured in, most notably films that are darkly funny and romantic in nature. However, none of his films have been quite as successful as the one he star is in right now, Superbad. From the insane acting to the extremely odd plot, Superbad remains a top pick for many movie lovers and is a definite must-see film. Whether you enjoy comedy or horror, Superbad will most certainly find its way into your list of favorites.

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