Audrey Tautou’s DaVinci Code Film Review

Audrey Tautou is an award-winning French actress best known for her leading role as Holly Golightly in the acclaimed movie Love Actually. She first made her professional acting debut in Paris Hilton’s reality series Degrassi, which was cancelled in 2004. She later went on to star in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which was released last year.


Tautou’s love of acting was apparent from her very first role in a movie, Mulholland Park, where she played the character of Dawn French. She impressed audiences with her convincing performance, bringing a realistic portrayal of a character who did not shirk her responsibilities to her husband and children. Her other film roles have been varied, with some great achievements coming against the backdrop of a loving relationship. Her most recent films have been less successful, but are still highly entertaining.


In Love Actually, Audrey Tautou plays Holly Golightly, a glamorous French actress whose character finds herself caught between two men: her husband Luca Pacilli, played by Gillian Anderson, and her friend, Jeanette Rabbot, played by Anne Hathaway. The film has a lot of humor, but also manages to be heartfelt and beautiful at the same time. If you like a good romance with a lot of heart-warming emotions, then this movie is definitely for you!


As the lead actress in the film, Audrey Tautou proves that she has what it takes to become one of the leading actresses in the world. Her charisma is the driving factor behind her success. But it is her acting that really sells it. She sells herself to the audience in the beginning, charming them and then managing to tear their hearts away in the end. This French film has received a lot of criticism from American viewers for some of its content, but it still remains a very good watch for those who love romance and the finer things in life.


La Haine tells the story of Audrey Tautou’s life in France. She is an aspiring young actress, yet has had no acting training. She soon gets a chance to shine though when her older sister, Marie, falls for a man. Things start to go wrong for Audrey as her own acting abilities are tested. It is through this that she realizes her destiny is much greater than that of becoming a famous actress.


Another great film directed by Luc Besson, this film revolves around the relationship between Yves Saint Laurent and Audrey Tautou. This is a love story that has been told thousands of times. This movie would have been more successful if it had not featured Audrey Tautou’s stunning and winning acting career. She would have been more memorable as a star in Casino Royale or Maybe Otherwise. Though her career would definitely be short-lived, there is still no denying her importance to the industry.


Though Audrey Tautou only made a few movies in her career, her performances in them always helped pave the way for more roles in Hollywood. She went on to star in such movies as Le Temps des Moines, Le Cordon bleu and Pretty Woman, and even became the face of a French perfume. This was just the beginning of her amazing French acting career. In fact, she even appeared in an English movie called Amadeus, which was directed by Steven Spielberg.


The Da Vinci Code is also one of the most interesting films starring Audrey Tautou. Though the storyline may seem a little far-fetched to some, this film remains a definite must-see for all fan boys and girls. Young viewers who haven’t read the book by Alexandre Dumas will probably find this film a bit confusing, but they will surely enjoy the movie. On the other hand, adult viewers who have read the book will understand what is happening within the film very easily. Overall, the Da Vinci Code is a great romantic comedy that leaves the audience wanting more from the sequel.

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