A Look at the Life and Career of JrGen Prochnow

Jrgen Prochnow is an American-Swedish actor and voice over performer. His most famous roles internationally are as the caring and loyal U-boat captain in Das Boots, the kindly and good-hearted U-boat pilot in Dune, the cynical captain in the comedy series Greetings from Parnas, the cynical doctor in Dad’s Army and the sadistic executioner in Man on the Moon. He has also been featured in some Hollywood movies such as Collateral, Minority Report, Memento, World War Z, Crazy Heart and You Only Live Once. He has also done voiceovers and background for a number of video games including Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Manhunt and Mirror’s Edge.


In his role as U-boats captain in Das Boots, Prochnow voices both his human and machine counterparts. Each character has his or her own distinct voice. In addition, Prochnow voiced the character of Stiller in the 1993 film version of Seinfeld. When it comes to voice over work, Prochnow has also voiced characters in Home Alone and Indiana Jones.


While most European and American films use English as a native language, films from Asia and other regions commonly use languages that are similar to English. In most cases, the language used is either Japanese, Korean or Chinese. In addition to his work on screen, Prochnow also hosts his own radio show in Japan and England. He also has been working on a series of children’s books with writer Takeshi Sugiura. His voice can be heard on several of these books. His other voiceover credits include commercials and theme park audio-animation.


While Prochnow’s acting ability is above par, his technical abilities are not as polished. This is especially evident in one of his early television appearances, where he was heard struggling to hear his lines. Despite this flaw, Prochnow has continued to work with the microphone, which is essential if you are going to have success on the microphone. Prochnow also did voice over work for several animated films. He was credited as Dr. Iguana in the Shrek movies and as the leader of the mutated Gorilla City in the Spider-Man and X-Men series.


Prochnow’s greatest skill may just be his ability to create great characters and make them real in the audience’s mind. He is known as one of the best voiceover performers in cartoons and films and has provided characters for television shows including Rugrats, Hey Arnold! and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He has also done voice over work for several children’s movies and television shows, including Finding Nemo.


If there is one thing that runs through Jrgen Prochnow’s acting skills, it would probably be his enthusiasm for all things animation. He has voiced thousands of characters in cartoons ranging from Mickey Mouse to Bob the Builder to the Transformers. While his career in animation may have come to a halt somewhat due to the advent of the Harry Potter franchise, Prochnow still provides voiceover duties for numerous animated projects. He also voices several characters in the popular Family Guy series. Prochnow voices Frypan in the animated series South Park, as well as Mike in The Boondocks.


Prochnow has also found his way into the world of live action, working as an audio caster for several popular podcast and pod casts. He voices several characters on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, voices Eric Bressler in the Men in Black video game and voices frypan in the Supergirl series. He also does voice work for the cartoon show Phineas and Ferret. Prochnow even guest voices characters in several of Adult Swim’s shows, such as Squidward, Crabby and the Squid Boy.


Although Prochnow has mostly been seen on television since he was a teenager, he has also had some small work in the big screen. He voiced the villain in the Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland and also did voice-overs for the remake of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Recently he has provided voice-work for the video game Call of Duty: Infinite War, and the sci-fi action/adventure Mass Effect 3. As Prochnow is probably best known from his appearance on Family Guy, it’s clear that he is equally capable of playing serious characters as he is fun, silly voices.

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