Lahore gamer opens Fire 4 Person Killed

Lahore gamer opens Fire

Two young boys from Lahore town, Saleem and Karim joined hands to form the newly formed L Lahore gamer club. This was a club that had no name or face but with a common goal that they wanted to attain for themselves. They wanted to set an example by joining a gaming club in the city. This was one of the proudest moments of their life. But soon they lost that hope when Karim and Saleem were captured by terrorists from Baluchistan and were killed in front of their house. They had to cry on that very day.

The next days the city was in complete security. The local people did not allow gamers to enter the city’s limits. They were asked to go home by force if they were found. Though most of the gamers were not allowed to go back to their homes, they continued to play their game with all the fun they had while they were alive. In this way they were able to let their people know how much they are missing.

The gaming world has grown by thousands of members around the world. There were various tournaments held in different cities of Pakistan as well as in the foreign countries. These tournaments were organized by various gaming clubs which used to gather together once in a while. Now it has become an international event and millions of people from different countries are enjoying this game. They used to say that this was their field of dreams.

It was during the last stages of the tournament, when this group of gamers from Pakistan took up an unusual challenge for the city of Lahore. They climbed to the rooftop of a building and fired an RPG rocket at the enemies below, who were hiding behind the buildings. This caused heavy damage to the enemies and to the city’s infrastructure.

It is reported that the RPG killer game caused more damage than three months of war. This player managed to kill so many people and to cause so much destruction that the city was totally destroyed. Hundreds of terrorists were killed in the city, even though there were hundreds of military personnel present in the area. There was fierce fighting between the terrorists and the forces of the city. At the end it was the terrorists who had to leave the city.

The government has launched an investigation into the role of this gamer and his associates. According to reports it is clear that these gamers are the cause for much of the trouble that exists in the world today. It is also clear that those games which encourage violence in society can have terrible consequences.

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