Is The Shuffle To Rename Khan A Success?

PM Imran Khan has replaced Prime Minister Shahid Karzai in order to put a new PM in place. This is a reshuffling which could end in a bloodbath if the two parties do not settle their differences over sharing the power and resources of the country. The PM needs the support of the people in order to form a government that can return the country to its previous glory. This could well mean that the PM will have to change his cabinet and his ways, especially since he has already caused much chaos and dissent in the country.

Once PM Shahid’s government collapsed, it was left with a weakened grip on its own territory and unstable political scene. Political analysts say that the current crisis is due to the fact that the government has failed to deliver on its promises, which is leading to widespread insecurity and chaos in the country. According to these analysts, the time has come for PM Khan to reshuffle cabinet. Once this happens, there would be a clear indication as to how committed the government is to doing what it set out to do; and that is to bring peace, unity and prosperity to the country. Once the cabinet reshuffle is over, we can expect fresh elections and ultimately the restoration of democracy.

There have been rumors that PM Khan might go into a cabinet reshuffle but the exact reasons why have not been made clear. One of the reasons may be due to the fact that a new administration has not yet been formed. This means that the PM needs to look for an alternative option to his present predicament. However, there are also rumors that PM Khan might go ahead and retains his cabinet by tapping some of those who are closely associated with him. These include interior minister Chaudhry Niswan, home secretary Ismail Merchant and tribal affairs minister Chaudhry Habib bhai Badal Khyani.

Although PM Khan has been in this post for a few months now, he still seems to be in a jiffy and is scrambling around to pick up some new members for his cabinet. Some believe that this is due to impatience and the fact that he is desperate to get things done before the new year begins. Another theory is that PM Khan wants to ensure that his government is intact in the coming year. In fact, according to reports, the current cabinet is made up of half-hearted politicians who are desperately waiting to see if their colleagues will quit once and for all. Therefore, if PM Khan needs to find new ministers, who will he choose to fill up the vacant slots in the cabinet?

The reshuffle would most likely take place at some point in the next two weeks. However, some political analysts claim that this would be a premature move since there are still many elections to be held before the end of this year. Moreover, appointing new cabinet members is not the only option that PM Khan is looking into right now. He is also contemplating the issue of an early general election, which could pave the way for more change in the government. With the recent developments in the Panama Canal, some wonder if Khan might try to retain his already weak hold on the cabinet. It would therefore be interesting to know what exactly PM Khan is thinking at this juncture.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain; Khan has suddenly become very interested in getting his job done. This would be very bad news for those who are already unpopular in the PM’s eyes. Therefore, if PM Khan needs to find new cabinet members, he must surely look for them before the end of this month. Most probably, some of his closest supporters would be given prime positions and more cabinet reshuffles would be expected soon enough after this. Meanwhile, the reshuffle would be an effective way to appease public opinion so that the general election can be held on schedule and without any glitches. Therefore, it is best for Khan to act now to get his cabinet on track.

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