Inspirational Humayun Saleh, Daughter Shares Her Heartfelt Birthday Announcement

Awe-Inspiring Humayun Saleh,

Humayun Saeed, known to millions across the world as “India’s Sweetheart”, is celebrating her seventeenth year of marriage. It’s an occasion she looks forward to with great fondness and anticipation. This article will help share some happiness and love as we all look forward to this special day in our beloved sister’s life. Humayun was married to Rajat Parvez before she met her husband and they are so close, that even when Humayun is away on a business trip – her husband spends hours talking to her on the phone or they do Facbook chat sessions. They are an ideal match, so when we send our best wishes to their marriage, we know they’ll both receive them warmly and with genuine affection.


As it happens, on this very special day of the year for our sister-in-law, we are also celebrating our own birthday! And since I cannot wait to celebrate my own special day, I have decided to share a little about Humayun and the remarkable journey she has been taking to meet her husband and spend her last years with him. Humayun was born near but trained as a pilot in the Indian Air Force. She has always remained committed to serving her country and helping her family and friends while enjoying a successful career. It’s obvious in her attitude and actions that she enjoys spending time with her family and doing things with them.


In early August, we received a cute handwritten card from Humayun, which included a birthday wish and a printed card with some pictures of her children and a lovely poem. The message inside the card was simple and addressed “love from a family member”. We were so touched by this gesture that we immediately put the card in the mail and gave it to her. We could not imagine what all the excitement would be when we saw the card – we had all seen these types of cards passed around throughout the year and never really thought anything about it until now.


We received a whole bunch of birthday and Christmas cards from friends and family who had sent their best wishes. Our daughter was absolutely overjoyed that she could share her happiness with someone else. Humayun’s father is a retired airline captain. He has been working hard for the last 27 years to ensure that his wife and children are able to live a normal life despite his own health issues. So much time and effort had been dedicated to his goal of bringing joy to his family. When he sees Humayun growing up and enjoying her own special day and age, he will surely feel proud of his daughter for making such a big decision.


Humayun is just one of the many Pakistani girls and women who have to face so many challenges in their lives. Everyday they face discrimination because of their ethnicity and religion. They have to face countless risks when it comes to getting married and having children. But thanks to the wonderful help from people like Humayun, she is able to enjoy a very special life full of faith and hope despite all obstacles.


Humayun saeed shares her story with us. She has managed to turn a lifetime of hardship into a fairy tale story of happiness and hope. Her father has always encouraged her to go for her dreams. So when she decided to get her wings, he supported her and made sure she went on to make a great story of success in her life. It is amazing how even a father can influence a daughter’s life. Even in a difficult situation, her father found a way to support her.

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