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Technology News is a featured monthly new column written by technology writer Mary Condon with a focus on personal computers and the corresponding technology. Each month, the column appears in the back page of every other daily paper, on the evening page as well, and on the weekend. Mary’s articles tend to cover topics related to the technology that is being released or announced by the media. It can be any number of things including but not limited to, the new Apple iPod, the new Blue tooth device by Honda, or the latest version of Windows.

I enjoy reading Mary’s articles on technology since she seems to have an excellent grasp of the language of technology. As a result, the articles are often very interesting and informative. They tend to touch on areas that many other people might not be thinking about or paying much attention to. As a result, they are often thought-provoking and provide a good window into how the computer technology industry thinks and works.

Mary’s expertise as a technology writer means that she is very knowledgeable about just about everything relating to computers. Her vast knowledge means that she is also very skilled at finding interesting and unique information. This is especially important when it comes to article writing. A reader is looking for information, and a good article writer can provide this in a variety of ways.

The articles are generally informative and stimulating, though they also tend to be somewhat long winded. The main reason for this is that Mary has been doing this for a very long time and has gathered a large amount of information over the years. As such, her articles can be quite lengthy and complex. They also make great stand-alone publications.

One of Mary’s most popular articles is her article on Apple’s new operating system. In this one, she talks about some of the features that are unique to Apple’s new operating system and how this particular operating system is different from all other systems on the market. Mary provides extensive information on both sides of the debate, highlighting the positives of Apple’s product, but also takes a strong stance against Microsoft by pointing out some of the differences between their operating systems. In addition to this, Mary reveals what she feels are Apple’s key advantages over Microsoft. Many of these are similar to the arguments she makes in her book, ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’. Additionally, in this article Mary gives additional information on some of the new technology gadgets being introduced into the marketplace.

In an interesting twist on this article, Mary provides a link to article directories where readers can go to obtain additional information on this topic. There are several article directories where this information is freely provided. One such directory, ArticleBase, which is a division of EzineArticles, provides an enormous amount of information on many topics including this one. This article has been republished on numerous other websites since its original release and is used as an illustration of a particular point of view.

Another related article that appears in the same publication is one that compares Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface. The main thrust of this article is that the iPad is more powerful than the Surface and it also weighs 10.5 ounces, unlike the Surface, which is just over one pound. The article claims that the iPad’s battery life is just one reason why the iPad is more desirable than the Surface. Additionally, another interesting piece of information that is provided in the article links to yet another article focusing on how the Windows Vista operating system is inferior to the latest version of Windows.

It is common for technology news publications to focus on one single new gadget or technology and leave out the rest of the story. This is another common example of an article that is poorly written. By leaving out the other interesting details and the points of view of those who may have other ideas, the article is often rendered useless as someone reads the piece and simply shrugs it off. This article directories should strive to make sure that they publish well-researched and well written content so that their readers will be able to get the most out of their articles. This is just one more way that the article directories can contribute to the betterment of technology.

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