Importance Of Persons Aged 80 And Above To Be Vaccinated

Importance Of Persons Aged 80 And Above To Be Vaccinated In Their Homes In Punjab

Recently, it has been decided to introduce vaccination for persons aged below 70 years. It is a welcome move in such a situation when all the efforts to fight the diseases and to protect the younger generation are being failed. The decision was taken after a survey has shown that there is an alarming rise in the number of the elderly who suffer from different diseases. These include cancer, HIV and infectious diseases. Hence, it is very necessary to reduce the rate of increase of the number of these diseases.

Earlier, persons were not allowed to be vaccinated against these diseases because of their age. However, this has now been shifted and the new procedure of administering vaccinations have been introduced for the benefit of the younger generation as well. For the purpose of conducting the vaccination campaign, a notice was published in the local newspapers and the word “vacationers” was included in it so that the parents could be informed about this. Thus, the word “vacationers” was added to the names of the vaccines and later on all the children below the age of ten were also mentioned in this list.

In order to make sure that every person who is included in the immunization drive is properly immunized, each household head is asked to take an individual shot of the schedule that is assigned by the doctor. Each and every person is asked to use the back door for the purpose of obtaining the shots. This ensures that the entire region is reached and there are no delays in the task. The immunizations are provided free of cost and without any compulsion. Thus, it becomes possible for more people to get the opportunity to have their doses of vaccines free of cost at their homes.

It is believed that a huge percentage of the population remains untested for several diseases as they remain undeveloped. In fact, even though several studies are being conducted on various aspects of preventing such diseases, it is found that many people in Punjab are yet uninformed about the same. As a result, several unwanted cases of diseases are reported every year. A study conducted recently claims that more than 6 million children remain uneducated and do not know what happens to them if they fall ill. Thus, it is quite clear that immunization plays a crucial role in the upbringing of the society.

If you are one of those persons aged 80 and above who would like to be vaccinated but do not know where to go for the same, you can ask your relatives, friends and colleagues to help you out. However, it is also important to point out that while any of the persons mentioned above can be contacted, it is important to verify their credentials as there are several fake people involved in this field. In other words, while contacting any of them, it is important to be careful and wary of their real intentions. Only the genuine and dependable ones can help you in getting vaccinated.

A discussion on the need for persons aged 80 and above to be vaccinated is a lengthy one. This is because each of the diseases has several strains and can easily be spread among the population if immunity is not maintained. The best way to overcome all these problems is to be vaccinated as early as possible. Thus, immunizations are highly recommended among persons of all ages in order to save the mankind from the harmful clutches of these diseases. Being a part of the vaccination program, the persons aged 80 and above can feel safe and protected against all types of diseases.

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