How Bereaved Parents Hurl Stones As A Way Of Threatening Their Killers

How Bereaved Parents Hurl Stones As A Way Of Threatening Their Killers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly met with the bereaved and condemned the violent anti-democratic actions of some of the Israeli protesters against the legitimate government of his country. It is not clear if the Prime Minister meant to say that peaceful protesters have been victimizing the innocent. The clashes between the Israeli security forces and violent protesters have killed a number of people, including a child while a number of others sustained injuries. Many of the wounded sustained life-threatening conditions because they were hit by rubber bullets, rocks, or other items fired by the police or Israeli protesters.

At present, the Israeli public has turned out in huge numbers to support the government of Benjamin Netanyahu against the violence of some of its citizens. At present, the atmosphere in the streets runs along the old Mughal/Hezbolla divide. The mourners at the funeral of a slain terrorist tear gas canisters and stone to the ground as a sign of solidarity with their slaughtered brothers. The grieving crowd then hurries to tear the tear gas canisters from the ground, scoop them up, and throw them at the security forces who opened fire on the demonstration.

The demonstration was triggered by a protest march by Jewish Israelis against the burning of a large Islamic holy book in a mosque in occupied East Jerusalem. The protesters were upset over this act of worship. According to some reports, one demonstrator threw a stone at the prime minster while he was addressing the gathered crowd. The stone missed the target but accidentally rolled under the Prime Minister’s podium and shattered on the floor. No one was hurt in this accident, but this is yet another example of stone throwing by angry mobs which cannot be pinned down to a specific group.

The stone throwers are part of the “clash mob” phenomenon which refers to an incident where groups of people engage in violent street brawls and are joined together by the presence of police in large numbers to clear a public space or street. Here, too, the stone-throwing youth are part of the crowd but have no intention of using physical force. They simply want the police to cower while they throw their stones. They are protected by a wall of riot shields and are in a position to fire many stones at the police. When the police finally try to disperse the crowds by dispersing the crowds with tear gas canisters, the stone throwers are left alone to continue their unceasing assault on the occupying force.

This situation has been playing out over again for several years now. As a matter of fact, the police themselves are taking advantage of these demonstrations by using water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds. This is a deliberate strategy by the Israeli authorities to use excessive force to disperse peaceful demonstrations by allowing the violent element among them to rule the roost. These rock-throwing parents feel that they have a right to defend themselves by using force against the occupying forces.

Many of the parents who are hatching this kind of action actually belong to the terrorist organization Hamas and its Popular Resistance Movement. They feel that they are defending their homeland by throwing rocks and empty bottles at the Jews. The reality is totally different: The Israeli security forces are perfectly capable of restoring order in any situation and they do so by taking control physically from the people who throw rocks and empty bottles at them.

Some of the parents express the belief that the stone-throwers are mere children, unable to decide for themselves. This is absolutely not true, because many of the stone-throwers are middle-aged adults, who have been in the streets for decades. Moreover, it is not even wrong to say that these young people have lost all trust in the State of Israel. Many of them are even ready to sacrifice their life for their nationalistic pride.

The best thing that you can do as a parent is to ensure that you prevent your child from taking part in any activities that might involve participation of others. In the case of stone-throwers, the most important thing is to prevent your child from getting near empty bottles, rocks or other items that might be used as weapons. Even if a stone thrower happens to hit the person, it is highly unlikely that the person will sustain serious injuries. You should also ensure that you help the family members to get away from the scene of the incident as soon as possible.

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