Advantages Of Utilizing The Internet 2021

Advantages Of Utilizing The Internet


In the twenty-first century, the Internet has played a major role in global communication and trade. Internet, a complex system architecture which has tremendously revolutionized the means of trade and communications by enabling different computer networks across the globe to connect. By 2021, about 4.5 billion individuals, or almost half the entire world’s population, were projected to have easy access to the Internet through their personal computers. The tremendous growth rate of this technological phenomenon has paved the way for many businesses and organizations to capitalize on the rapid development of the Internet.


There are three main types of networks that use the Internet as their medium of communication: general packet switching networks, mobile networks and content networks. General packet switching networks are those using broadcast channels as their medium of communication links. This type of technology uses the IP packets that are sent to an IP destination within a small Local Area Network (LAN). It is comparable to how a television shows its programs. Each program, picture and sound are being broadcast from a Broadcasting Station to a Network in order to reach all the individuals within a LAN.


On the other hand, mobile networks refer to the IP networks that are used by cell phones. Cell phones are now connected together with the help of the IP networking protocols. These protocols, in turn, link each machine into a network, using the Ethernet technology. There are many such wireless networks existing today which make the Internet very wide and accessible. It has allowed individuals and organizations to get connected to each other anywhere in the world within a short span of time.


With the advent of the widespread use of the Internet, there arises the question of how it works? The answer is quite amazing. The Internet consists of many different protocols which have been developed over the years. All these protocols are designed to handle the tasks which the internet were supposed to perform. There are a number of different protocols which are working right now in the computer networks.


The IETF or the Internet standards bodies took the trouble of maintaining and making standard the various internet related protocols. This way, it was possible for everyone to use the same protocols in order to make the data communications over the internet as reliable as possible. Therefore, the internet has become a wonderful means of communication for everyone around the globe.


The internet also has many other advantages over the traditional public internet. For example, it offers a platform where various organizations can develop and test their own internet applications in a much faster manner. Since many of these protocols are based on the same base as the traditional public internet, the applications that are developed using these internet protocols can also be used on the traditional public internet. As a result, many programmers often find the process of developing applications on the public networks very easy.


The other main advantage of using the internet is that one does not need to spend a lot of money on buying and managing the network infrastructure. Most companies find it cheaper and more efficient to deploy the internet as compared to using packet switching or leased lines. This is because one doesn’t need to buy hardware such as routers and switches along with software components like application servers and database servers. On the other hand, packet switching requires relatively expensive hardware which increases the overall costs of deploying internet connections. On the other hand, internet based distributed applications can be easily built using simple client-server applications which do not require high-end hardware.


Apart from being an effective tool for information exchange, the internet is also widely used for many business applications. This includes online shopping, business blogging, content publishing, social media marketing, e-mail services, online business transactions, online content management, remote workforce management and employee communication. The internet can be used for these purposes because it has the most comprehensive range of computer networks. Therefore, anyone can take advantage of the benefits provided by the internet.

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