Future Sales Have Nothing to Do With How Good You Are

Future Sales Have Nothing to Do With How Good You Are

“Future sales have nothing to do with the present.” This is an age-old marketing cliche, and yet it rings true when examined in the right light. Many salespeople have a very limited view of the future, seeing only immediate results-but not the kind that can build long-term business. Salespeople work on what they know, sell what they feel is their best product, and convince customers that this product has everything they need to win over their lives and their finances. What they fail to realize is that the future is about to arrive, and they are leaving themselves wide open to eroding sales.

Some salespeople use technology effectively and productively, but neglect the need to communicate in more basic terms with the customers they serve. Technology can provide instant answers, but only if each individual salesperson understands how to best use it. While many sales teams already utilize the tools, communication still remains at the heart of successful sales. A sales team that can’t close a deal because they are unable to explain its benefits requires the help of a coach or mentor.

One way to ensure that future sales teams understand how to communicate is by having them actively participate in prospecting events and other activities. When a salesperson attends a prospecting event, he or she is not only making cold calls, but is also sharing valuable information with other team members. If the future salesperson chooses to keep silent during these interactions, however, no one will be able to glean any information beyond the superficial. When every team member is ready to share, there is a better chance for success.

If future salespeople continue to ignore opportunities for professional development, their companies will begin to reap the benefits of their inaction. As they pursue the status quo, they will inevitably leave their companies with a legacy of bad contracts and unfulfilled goals. They will also fail to make a positive impact on new prospects-which is exactly where a good coach comes in. A good trainer can help the team members realize that they have a unique opportunity to grow and expand their skills and talents, rather than simply repeating the same mistakes over.

Future sales managers must have an understanding of every aspect of the sales process. This includes every aspect of the salesperson’s personality and communication style. It also includes every aspect of the job description, such as the expectations of the position, the skills required of the sales team, the development plan, the hiring process, and the feedback from management. Every aspect of the organization must be examined. Only by doing so can future sales managers improve the business.

When a sales manager fails to be aware of his or her company’s future, he or she could find that opportunities for future sales are lost forever. Every individual salesperson is born with an expectation about the role they’ll play. When a future sales manager fails to be aware of this expectation, his or her role in the sales organization can be adversely affected. A good sales manager must be aware of what his or her future sales role will be and must be able to adjust his or her expectations to meet the needs of the current sales team.

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