SuperBad Movie Review – Starring Seth Rogen, James Fronto and Justin Chatman

Seth Rogen was born in Canada but has made his home overseas. His parents, aringly poor immigrants, came to America in the hope of a better life. They settled in California, eventually taking their son with them when he was just three years old. He was raised mainly in Canada. Here he learned the language, got used to the culture, and mastered all aspects of his role in the movie, The Skinny on both his parents, from his mother’s Canadian accent, to his accent on his American dialogues.


Seth Rogen went on to play the nerdy sidekick in three Hollywood comedies: The Mask, Grandma’s Boy, and Pineapple Fever. Then, he went on to play the lovable dimwit in The Day the Earth Stood Still, then did a role in Superbad, as well as appearing in the Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland. Now he stars as the young man running for electrocution in The Perfect Team. He recently appeared on an episode of NBC’s Friends, playing the irrepressible, loveable character, Seinfeld’s Jerry. This is his third series on the series, following his appearances on Friend’s First Love, and Two and a Half Men.


Seth Rogen plays both a starring role and a supporting actor in The Skinny on both counts. As the comic relief character, he manages to be both edgy and endearing. He does not over-do the role, but he definitely brings in his own brand of humor. He is also good at playing characters that are supposed to be lovable, rather than the sort of guys that you’d want to be dating. This includes bottoms, in The Social Network, and Mikey, in Pineapple Fever. Both men find themselves with the women they have always wanted to date but have never been able to pursue because of one reason or another.


In addition to being a hilarious character, Seth Rogen has found himself cast as well known and respected in the world of entertainment. He is one half of the successful producing team of both writers, David Fincher and Jennifer Aniston. They are responsible for making one of the best films of the last decade, The Social Network, as well as the upcoming The Year One. His other credits include movies such as Maniac, Viva Zapata, and Cast Away. He is also extremely popular as both an actor and a director.


One movie that is worth the watch is The Skinny on Seth Rogen. This is the comedy he directed as well as starred in, alongside Will Ferrell, Adam Scott, John C. Reilly, and Meg Ryan. Although this is not your traditional comedy, it is still a very funny film that should be watched by people who like both comedy and romance. Although the movie is very short, it is worth watching no matter what time of day it is, as it provides great plot points as well as some great one liners.


The other great comedy from Seth Rogen comes in his role of Green Hornet. This is the second movie he has directed, after his award winning turn as the lead in The Cable Guy. In this film, he plays Michael Green, a lovable but rather annoying green hornet who works for the Domino Corporation. This role did not quite live up to my expectations, but it is still a nice and charming comedy that I really enjoyed.


In the lead role, seth will play the role of Jake Simonson, a plumber that lives in California. Although he appears to be average looking, in reality he is the class clown, with an infectious sense of humor. Seth also has a son named Jacob, played by Justin Chatman, who is the star of the comedy part. In the end, Jacob realizes that he needs to run home to meet his father, so he teams up with Domino, played by Craig Roberts, in order to help him accomplish this task.


Overall, I have to say that the movie was very fun to watch. It had some good laughs, but at the same time had some bad ones as well. But then, it was still a very entertaining and light hearted comedy. This was just the first of many superb movies that Seth Rogen would direct, including invictus and The Day After. I’m sure that they will all be great.

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