Isabelle Adjani – Artist and Legendary Actress

Isabelle Adjani is an award-winning French actress and singer. She is currently the only actress or singer in history to receive five Cesar awards; she has also been nominated for the Best actress in a Leading Role, Best Leading Actor in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role, Best Selling Romance, and Best Performance by an actress in a Leading Role. She has also appeared in a few Hollywood films, such as eating Pray Love, Pretty Woman, and Casino. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.


Isabelle Adjani studied acting at the Conservatory of La Croisette in France before gaining fame in Hollywood. She then went on to appear in Italian movies before moving to Paris to star in English-language movies. She finally moved back to France, where she enjoyed successful theatre performances in Le Dames de la Plage, Les Alpes du Seu Pas, and Welcome.


Since her return to the United Kingdom, Isabelle has gone on to play complex characters in television such as Elektra in the nineties series, Elektra: The Cutting Season, and Kill Bill, and more recently in the critically acclaimed movie The Shape. She has also played complex characters in television shows such as The Firm and Mission Hill, which was cancelled after one season. She also had a role in the critically acclaimed films Invictus, The Expendables, and The Informant! She is best known for her work in the musical theatre, having originated in London during the 1980s.


Isabelle Adjani’s best known roles in Hollywood are her appearances in the Bridget Jones Diary and the Harry Potter films. She most notably played the role of solicitor Paul Marlow in Bridget Jones Diary and is up for an Oscar nomination for it. Her other notable film roles include appearing in the Harry Potter films as Hagrid the Grey Lord and Filius Flitwick in the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. She has also appeared in a few TV shows including L. J. Smith’s Angels and Jane Eyre.


Isabelle Adjani’s other films include the historical drama Cairo Station. She also appeared in the comic book adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, which was written by Peter V. Brett. Another of her films that did not receive an Oscar nomination is The Secret Life of Bees. Though these films did not win the award for Best Picture, they did garner criticism for their low profitability and commercial success. Regardless, they are still considered her greatest works to date.


Her six most significant non-actors who earned second best actress awards for their performances in five different films include Barbara Hershey for Moonrise Hotel, Daniella Colluccio for Amadeus, Bette Midler for Grease, Joan Collins for Cleopatra and Moret demeure for Lilies of the Laigue. Hershey was also nominated for an additional Oscar for her work in Woman of Assissi, which was directed by Joe Hermanson. Colluccio received an additional Oscar nomination for her contribution to the original Broadway play, Camelot. Bette Midler was nominated for her performance as Queen Elizabeth, but lost out to Anne Hathaway for her performance as Elizabeth II in the equally successful Lion King.


Isabelle Adjani is one of three French actresses to win Best Actress awards for a leading role in a musical, the other two being Brigitte Bardot and Helena Bonham-Carter for La Vie de la Chambre. She is also the only French actresses to be nominated for an Oscar, which she narrowly missed out on. Her other Oscar nominations are for Casino, For a Few Days In Paris and Love Actually. As for her numerous French Film accolades, she is known mostly for her contribution to the original French musical, Amelie, which was eventually made into a successful feature film directed by Claude Lanot and starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. She later appeared in the film The Old Man’s Man and appeared in the remake of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, as well as the television movie adaptation of the same play.


Her only Oscar award was for her contribution to the 1983 Academy Awards’ Best Music, Original Score category for Amelie. Her other awards included an additional Oscar for her work on the original Swiss Watch, for which she was nominated along with Richard Wagner for the conductor of the orchestra for the Sound of Music concert. Her best-selling novel, Song of the Sea, was made into a motion picture, and she continues to be nominated for many other awards including an additional Emmy for Outstanding Directorial Feature in a Comedy Series. Overall, Isabelle Adjani has made an enormous name for herself in the film industry, in both the small entertainment arena of independent films and larger mainstream roles.

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