Dracula – The Matthias Schweitzer Movie Review

Matthias Schweighter was born in Nieburg, Germany. He is described as the last surviving member of his family, which was forced to flee to England at the end of World War II because they were Jews. After the war, he worked as a translator and story writer. In the early eighties, he established his own company called” Schweighter International” and sold his first novel “The Night Cafe”.


In the eighties, with the financial crisis in Europe, he tried to do some travelling, but it proved too difficult. In the nineties, he went back to publishing his novels. In 2021, “A Time To Kill”, was published to great success. His second novel, “Mies Vanreck” would soon follow.


The story begins in the present day in 2021. Matthias and his associate, Florian, are invited by Count von Schloss to a charity ball for his old friend, Dr. Widrich. The invitation is sent on behalf of Countess Rathen who happens to be the head of a well-known agency called “Zollverein”.


Before the guests can arrive, however, the van parked in front of the building’s entrance. Out from their van, they find a strange and very muscular man, blond and bald, dressed in military uniform. Out of a feeling of curiosity, the men walk up to the agent and ask him for information about the charity ball. He tells them that it will be held on a Friday evening and that they should come early. Just before he can finish telling them what they should expect, a figure suddenly jumps out from behind them, shouting “It’s you! We’ve got a deal for you!”


That was enough for the men to start panicking. They are about to walk out when a gruff voice interrupts their conversation. It’s Count Dracula. He informs them that he wants to help them, but he needs the money that they are offering to secure them. Before they can react, Count Dracula pulls out a knife and threatens to kill them unless they hand over the money.


In order to protect themselves, the group takes cover behind a house. There, they find a trap set by Count Dracula. The trap leads them to a room where they are attacked by several vampires. Count Dracula then notices something odd about them and decides to check them out.


In order to get out of the situation alive, Christoph and Reinhold decide to get help from someone. When they arrive, they are informed that the doctor who helped them earlier has been eaten. When they try to go after Reinhold, who has been bitten, they are pursued by three vampires who have taken on the appearance of Reinhold. The fight is brief, but it is quite brutal. Count Dracula then imprisons Christoph while locking Reinhold inside a cell.


While in the cell, Reinhold tries to kill Christoph but he backhands her and she breaks free. She then finds a way out while battling the other vampires and manages to escape. As the fight ends, she sees a bloodied Christoph before leaving him on the ground. As the credits roll we can see that she has died and that the credits are rolling again…


When the movie ends, we discover that Dr. Reinhold has become infected with Vampira. He transforms into a monster and attacks Mary. Mary uses her new vampire power to drive him away, but he manages to kill Mary anyway. Reinhold then transforms into a monster as well and attacks Mary once more. Both of them end up fighting and falling down on the floor.


In the movie, there are some pretty convincing fight scenes. When we first see Reinhold, he is being held prisoner by the SS guards. He has a guard constantly threatening to kill him. Eventually, he manages to break free and fights his way through the camp, fighting the guards and escaping. When he is finally outside, he finds Mary in the forest. They fight and he ends up impaling Mary with one of his vampire swords.


The story itself isn’t that exciting or original. It’s more of a what if history happened in this movie and we watched it. I don’t think that I would watch the entire movie. However, if you want to see a story you probably won’t find it in the United States.

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