Education Sector on Edge With Protests by O/A Level Students

Education Sector on Edge With Protests by O/A Level Students

After the massive protests against the ruling PML-led government in Pakistan, a large section of the education sector, from both students’ and teachers’ side called off their strike. Why did the students and teachers do this? They did so to help create a more tolerant and democratic society. The current government is still quite young and hasn’t even formed a government yet. Even though the current government is making improvements with regards to transparency in the country, corruption still exists and it seems that Pakistan is lagging behind other developing countries when it comes to transparency.

This led the students and teachers to call for a strike. What happened was that the government promised to reform their sector but didn’t. Instead, the government focused on PR and propaganda and ignored the major problems that existed in the education sector. The education sector is in need of radical changes in order to increase the efficiency of teaching and improve learning standards. That is why the strike occurred.

Education is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Without proper education system, the country will not grow as the majority of its population is illiterate. The government has failed to realize the importance of providing jobs for its people. Many of those who have lost their jobs are now unemployed and thus they don’t have enough income to support themselves and their families. This has paved the way for the O/A level students to join the fray and fight for a better education system for the country.

The students are fighting for better educational facilities for themselves and their children. They demand that the government focus more on improving the conditions of education in Pakistan for the sake of their kids. They feel that it is their right to have an excellent education. They also demand that all education institutions must have accredited registration levels. The prime focus of the education sector must be on preparing students for the world as well as providing them with high quality jobs in the long run.

Overcrowded classrooms and lack of basic facilities like clean drinking water have worsened the situation further. The students feel that the education sector is suffering as a result. This is the reason why they conducted a peaceful strike to make the necessary changes in the education sector. The students demanded that their educational rights are recognized by the government. They also demanded that the government take immediate action and provide all the facilities that are badly needed in the education sector.

The current economic crisis has resulted in Pakistan’s economy to suffer tremendously. Many of the industrial jobs have been lost to outsourcing because of rising costs. On top of that, the low wage workers have failed to benefit from the inflation of the last few years. The government must take immediate measures to improve the conditions of education in Pakistan, otherwise the O/A students will call off their protests once and for all.

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