Dr Yasmin Rashid – Globalitus Third Waves Covid 2021

Dr Yasmin Rashid – Globalitus

In an exclusive interview with Geo News Online Dr Yashmin Rashid, the International President of Pakistan tells of his views on the future of South Asia. It is evident that Dr Yashmin Rashid is a thinker and man of action. He is also very much aware of his political limitations as a leader. But he is firm in his belief, “The people have the right to say no.” In this regard, it is evident that many people around the world have no confidence that the leaders of countries like India and China can deliver such world leading results as either of them have promised. It is obvious that this is one big reason for the apathy that people feel towards politics.

Globalization has increased the pressure on developing countries to increase infrastructure and move ahead with the process of economic liberalization. They are now trying to catch up with economies of first world countries like US, UK and Japan which are moving ahead at the maximum rate of development. Dr Yashmin Rashid says, “The West has a monopoly of technology; but the people have the power to choose who rules the economy.” He believes, “The era of military rule in Pakistan is over”.

As regards containment within Pakistan itself, Dr Yashmin Rashid says, “Islamabad can tolerate some US pressures but we cannot afford to be weak.” The American containment policy is boundless and is not based on any fundamental change in Pakistani culture and psyche. There will be no Kashmirization, nor any shift towards the Islamic way of life; on the contrary there will be continued tolerance and co-existence with US as long as there is no penetration of the armed terrorist organizations into Pakistan. Dr Yashmin Rashid does not believe that there can be any stability in Pakistan unless and until the economy of Pakistan is able to develop itself. He says that without an educated population, there will be stagnation and poverty in Pakistan.

Dr Rashid states that the United States is convinced that the use of force in Afghanistan is the best option to get rid of the Taliban and that the United States was only looking for an inclusive political process in Afghanistan; therefore he did not find any justification in using force against the Taliban. Therefore, he recommends that we should learn the lessons from the past mistakes made in Iraq and should not repeat the same mistake. He says that we should build a strong partnership with our Indian and Chinese neighbors and should cooperate with them instead of trying to dominate and contain them.

Dr Yashmin Rashid believes that China is our biggest and most reliable friend in the Asia-Pacific region. “They are our biggest buyers; we have to trade with them, they provide us with raw materials at the lowest rate and help us with our infrastructure projects.” He further states that “Chinese aid and investment will help us become an increasingly integrated economy and our trade deficit will start to shrink because of the presence of Chinese companies.” Dr Rashid says, “The economic benefits of such an alliance will flow not only to Pakistan but also to India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia.” As far as the future of the Middle East is concerned, Dr Rashid says that “the chances of stability for the Middle East are great as long as the US and its allies are not trying to dominate the region through military means.”

Dr Yashmin Rashid’s views on the Middle East Peace process are very relevant and necessary today. We know that the US and its allies are fighting a tough war against the Taliban and al Qaeda and that they are not interested in a political settlement. They have a set of goals and objectives and they do not care about the lives of the people of Afghanistan. If Dr Rashid is so right then why is the US not signing the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has not joined the Non-Aligned Movement? Why has the US supported the war against Iraq and is now supporting the Kashmir government and fighting against the Taliban in Pakistan? Is the US really serving the international terrorist organizations or are they protecting the US from their supposed enemies?

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