Despite A Pandemic-Hit Ramadan, Parents Should Ensure Vaccinations

Despite A Pandemic-Hit Ramadan, Parents Should Ensure Vaccinations


With Ramadan coming near, I have been thinking of the need to get vaccinated during this period of the year. It is true that we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic outbreak. And while I am waiting for the outbreak to end, there is another problem: a lot of children are getting sick with diseases. Of course, a majority of these cases are being treated successfully and most of them are being sent home. But as they are being sent home, it is high time that we consider immunization.

As a responsible Muslim parent, I feel that it is my responsibility to get my children vaccinated. This is because during an outbreak, there is a greater risk of children catching the diseases because they are more vulnerable. And it is a religious duty to protect your children. So I am very happy to see the efforts being made by health authorities to increase awareness about vaccination.

So how do vaccines work? If properly administered, vaccines can protect your child against deadly diseases. They contain various types of proteins or substances which go into action when they reach the right parts of the body. Hence, the vaccines help in protecting your children against diseases like measles, rubella, chicken pox, typhoid, whooping cough and diphtheria.

So how do parents ensure that their children get vaccinated? One of the best ways to ensure that your child receives the right vaccinations is to enroll him or her at school. Although you cannot force your child to get vaccinated, you should encourage them to do so. You can share information about various diseases with your friends and other parents and you can also get a list of professionals who can guide you on what vaccines to give your child.

There are also other ways of ensuring that your child gets the right vaccines. You should make sure that the school where your child is enrolled has adequate health facilities. You can look for a list of these facilities from the government and talk to them about the requirements for each level. For instance, there is a particular age limit for students at a primary school which needs to be adhered to.

The authorities must ensure that children are enrolled in regular classes. This is because it is important that children understand the importance of education. In fact, there should be a committee to monitor the attendance of children at regular classes. In addition, the teacher’s duties and those of the parents must be carried out regularly and in an orderly manner.

The government must not fail to deliver supplies of vaccines to the community. For this purpose, the authorities must work towards creating a distribution network which will help ensure that the vaccines reach the needy communities. You can initiate this yourself by sending out regular notifications. You should also consult your community leaders and educate them about the need and supply of vaccines.

There is no excuse for the authorities to neglect the health of the children. The same applies irrespective of the season. If the authorities find that there is a deficit in delivering supplies of certain vaccines, they should take remedial action immediately so that children get the vaccines despite a pandemic-hit Ramadan. You can help achieve this by making sure that the school is properly staffed and informed about all the essential requirements.

There should be a constant monitoring of the children who are below the age of six. This is an important factor because it helps identify how quickly the immunity level among children sours. The surveillance system should be regularly maintained. The children can be vaccinated if they fall below six years of age. Parents should take care to register their children with the local vaccination centre. They should also inform their pediatrician so that they are regularly updated about their children’s immunization schedule.

A brief discussion on the use of table-top or inhalers for the kids below the age of six reveals some serious problems. Children below six do not require such vaccines. On the contrary, experts are advising against the use of such vaccines during the Muslim fasting period. The experts are recommending two doses of measles vaccine for the children instead of one dose of the vaccine. This vaccine is considered effective against measles, rubella, chickenpox, and shingles.

In spite of a pandemic-hit Ramadan, there is a slight chance of resurgence of diseases. It may be due to unhygienic conditions in the households. A simple test to identify the infections would be to use the measles and rubella vaccines. It would be prudent to boost the immunization rate so as to reduce the number of children dying of diseases. At the end of the day, the responsibility lies with the parents to ensure that their children are not exposed to diseases.

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