Deadline For US To Complete Withdraw From Afghanistan

The US is preparing for its pullout from Afghanistan. The military has started its last phase of its withdrawal of all its and Nato’s remaining troops from Afghanistan – with the plan to leave the country by the close of summer. It will bring an end to America’s “war on terror” in that country, which was launched by the initial invasion in response to the 2021 terrorist attacks. The president has asked his administration to prepare a plan for withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year.


According to a recent report, US President George Bush has authorized US forces to complete the withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of this year. A number of people, including members of Congress have expressed concerns over the decision, but US officials state that the Bush administration has always kept two goals in mind when withdrawing troops from Afghanistan: protecting US personnel and countering the growth of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are affiliates of the Islamic State (ISIL) terrorist group and continue to carry out attacks inside the US. Concerns have also been raised about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, as the US withdraws troops from the country.

On Saturday, US forces will begin pulling out of Afghanistan, according to US Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The announcement on the move comes just one day after President Bush had made a surprise visit to the Middle East and announced that the US would send more US troops to Iraq to help defeat the growing cancer. The war in Iraq is drawing close to a full blown defeat for the US, with polls indicating that more than half of the Iraqi population is dissatisfied with the government’s performance. The US deployment will help bolster the Iraqi army and enable it to defeat the insurgents, but the eventual failure of Iraq’s unity and strength is still predicted. The withdrawal of US troops will boost America’s vote of confidence in its Iraqi neighbors, but it will not be able to put an end to the war in Iraq.

In a separate development, US forces in Afghanistan will begin eliminating the Haqqani Network. Haqqani is a Pakistan based terrorist organization that has launched numerous attacks inside Afghanistan. It is also believed that Haqqani may be trying to secure a sanctuary in Afghanistan to continue its attacks inside Pakistan. Both sides have blamed each other for past attacks, but it is unclear who was responsible for the recent escalation in violence. Pakistan has repeatedly denied reports that it is harboring the Haqqani network, but US officials have corroborated the accusations. The US military has confirmed the beginning of the operation and is working closely with Pakistan to ensure that the Haqqani is removed from Pakistani soil as quickly as possible.

US and Afghan forces are currently operating in and around the northern part of the country. They have been making steady gains against the Taliban with some promising results so far. US forces are preparing to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of this year, but they are also gearing up to launch additional military efforts in Pakistan to take down the Haqqani Network.

US military officials have told reporters that the US has started to raise its defenses to protect American soldiers in Afghanistan. US soldiers have begun receiving higher security clearances to enter the volatile areas around the Kunduz and Baghram areas in Kunduz Province. Also, US troops have begun to move closer to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. These developments come as US and allied forces continue to fight against the Taliban and other anti-coalition forces in Afghanistan. The increase in security forces along with more strikes against the Taliban and other groups supporting the Taliban are designed to send a clear message to the Afghan people that the military and the federal government will not tolerate further attacks against civilians.

The US is also hoping to bring the Taliban to heal by releasing $1.5 billion to pay off war fighters and other officials who have been taken hostage in Pakistan. The repayment of this money will be used to secure more military bases in Afghanistan and will allow the US to bolster their depleted peace resources. This is all part of President Obama’s strategy to win the future of Afghanistan and to eliminate the Taliban once and for all. The Taliban has made an agreement to hold peace talks with the Pakistan government on the impending deadline.

The military spokesman said the Obama administration has offered both sides of a deal to hold negotiations. If the talks go well, the US will be able to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of this year. timeline has been agreed upon and the military will stay until their own terms are fulfilled. However if a deal can’t be worked out between both sides, then the US will have to pull out completely.

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