Coronavirus Latest Attack On India

Coronavirus Latest Attack On India

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. PM Khan, on Friday expressed solidarity with India, saying that both countries stand together in the face of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak. “This is the fight of our generation. We have a common enemy across the border, and we will defeat them,” he said in a statement. Coronavirus is the common name for a deadly virus that is sweeping through several countries in South Asia, Africa and South Pacific.

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, particularly in the Indian states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, the home states of India’s most populous cities – Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune. On April 21, the Indian health ministry confirmed that at least 6 people had died and over 100 had fallen ill since the epidemic began on April 1. PM Khan also announced that all states in India will be reached by the end of the year. He made the announcement while inspecting a school in Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana state.

Coronavirus is an imported viral disease, according to the information minister of India, Mr. Shri. Subramanian Swamy, and has spread rapidly across the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. On April 21, PM Khan declared that the pandemic had been controlled, and all the states hit by the disease would be contacted by the end of the year. However, on Saturday the health ministry said that three people in Kerala had died from the pandemic.

On April 14, PM Khan met foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and discussed the recent outbreak of the swine flu in Pakistan. The foreign minister assured PM that his country was fully prepared to tackle the disease. This came as a surprise, as just two weeks before the meeting the chief medical officer of Pakistan had told his visiting counterparts that there was no such plan to fight against the pandemic. This is despite the fact that the chief medical officer of the concerned state had travelled to India a few months back to get advice on the latest development in the Indian drug manufacture. The chief medical officer had also held talks with the chief secretaries of all the states of India and had requested them to assist the authorities in fighting the Coronavirus outbreak in India.

On the twitter handle of PM’s son, tweets were sent saying that the medicines being used to fight Coronavirus are efficient. This was in response to a question posted by someone on Twitter who wondered how the medicines being used in these difficult times can be efficient. The tweets also stated that PM’s son was being treated for the disease in Mumbai. These medicines have been manufactured in India and the manufactured products are 100% pure, according to the PM’s son. He also tweeted a photograph from inside the hospital, and this photo shows a number of nurses working vigorously to cure a patient.

The tweet came just hours after PM’s son had tweeted that a team of scientists from Pakistan would be dispatched to India to help battle Coronavirus. The PM’s son also tweeted, “Our scientists will go to Pakistan to help out in the fight against Coronavirus. If India and Pakistan to work in synergy we can successfully beat this global threat”.

The next tweet on the twitter handle reads “I want to express our solidarity with the people of Pakistan as they struggle with a virus which threatens to spread globally. Our prayers for a speedy recovery go to all those suffering from the pandemic in our neighborhood. I strongly recommend that you visit the resource center for more information on Coronavirus.” The tweets come at a time when PM wants to raise funds for the fight against Coronavirus.

The PM’s official twitter handle has also mentioned that they have dispatched a technical team to Pakistan to assist with the Coronavirus fight. PM stated “The Cabinet has approved a coordinated response to fight the flu outbreak in Pakistan and the epidemic is being managed successfully.” Last week the first case of Coronavirus was reported in Pakistan. Only 0.1% of the estimated annual cases are ever reported, making this a very high count for a new strain.

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