First Choice in a Live-Action remake of a Bank Street Movie

First Choice in a Live-Action remake of a Bank Street Movie Mena Massoud is a South African-born Canadian stand up comedy actor, cartoonist and singer best known for playing the character Vito Spatafore in the animated Disney film Aladdin. He has also appeared in various other media, including the British television show Kung Fu, as … Read more

Merila Zarei – A Career Journey to Hollywood

Merila Zarei, also known as Amin Karafian, is an Iranian actress and model. Born in 1977 Iran, she is the daughter of Ayatollah Khomeini and Fatima Akbarian. In her early years, she appeared in many films, television programs, as well as advertisements. In the late eighties, however, it was her appearance on the television program, … Read more

Francisco Raball – An English Male Born In Cavalleria del Cuerpo, He Was A Very Successful Spanish Actor

Francisco Rabal was a famous Spanish author, actor, and director born in Ɓguilas, an old city in the far south-west corner of Spain. He served in the Spanish Army during the Civil War but later lived in Britain. His most famous works are five novels which have been made into major motion pictures. They are … Read more

The Best Known Role of Moritz Bleiber in All Time Movies

Moritz Bleibert was an Austrian actor who appeared in a number of films, most notably The Red Face. In the late 1940s he immigrated to the United States and worked in television. Eventually he became one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. A lifelong vegetarian, he enjoyed his career but never pursued acting seriously, … Read more

Dracula – The Matthias Schweitzer Movie Review

Matthias Schweighter was born in Nieburg, Germany. He is described as the last surviving member of his family, which was forced to flee to England at the end of World War II because they were Jews. After the war, he worked as a translator and story writer. In the early eighties, he established his own … Read more

How German Film Actor Armin Mueller-Stahl Is Not Elected For an Academy Award

Armin Mueller-Stahl is an award-winning German actor, musician. He is known for his roles as Hans Gruber in Die Hard and Ralf in Band of Brothers. He has also spent time as an actor in TV shows such as Shield and Stalker. Armin Mueller-Stahl was born in Munich and grew up in Eben, Bavaria. He … Read more