Payman Maadi – An Iranian Film Festival Star

Payman Maadi, also called Peyman Moādi (source unknown) is an Iranian-American screenwriter, actor and director. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for his role in About Elly. His other credits include Camelot and Invictus. He is most known for playing opposite Robert DeNiro in the movie, The Godfather.   Like many young Iranians … Read more

Merila Zarei – A Career Journey to Hollywood

Merila Zarei, also known as Amin Karafian, is an Iranian actress and model. Born in 1977 Iran, she is the daughter of Ayatollah Khomeini and Fatima Akbarian. In her early years, she appeared in many films, television programs, as well as advertisements. In the late eighties, however, it was her appearance on the television program, … Read more

Ebay As an Online Marketplace For Products

Ebay Inc. is an American multi-billion dollar e-commerce company based in San Jose, California, which facilitates consumer-to-business sales through its web-based site. eBay was started by Pierre Omidyar at the beginning of 1995, and has thus become a significant success story of this dot-com Bubble. It is famous for the immense number of items for … Read more

How to Select Web Hosting Services

How to Select Web Hosting Services A web hosting service is actually a kind of Internet hosting service that enables organizations and people to create their own site accessible through the World Wide Web easily. In simple words, web hosting services are services which allow individuals to host their own site on the Internet for … Read more

Earn Money From Home – How to Earn an Extra Income From Home!

There are many ways to earn money without going out of your home. There are even opportunities available for people who already work inside the office. This article will highlight some simple ways to earn money from home. These methods do not necessarily require any special computer knowledge or skills. However, if you are serious … Read more

Advantages Of Utilizing The Internet 2021

Advantages Of Utilizing The Internet In the twenty-first century, the Internet has played a major role in global communication and trade. Internet, a complex system architecture which has tremendously revolutionized the means of trade and communications by enabling different computer networks across the globe to connect. By 2021, about 4.5 billion individuals, or almost half … Read more

Understanding Technology – The Cultural Diversification of Technology

Understanding Technology – The Cultural Diversification of Technology Technology is the combination of various techniques, skills, and processes utilized in the development of new products or services or in accomplishing aims, such as scientific research. It also refers to a set of activities that combine together to create new technology. There are many types of … Read more