A Look at the Life and Career of JrGen Prochnow

Jrgen Prochnow is an American-Swedish actor and voice over performer. His most famous roles internationally are as the caring and loyal U-boat captain in Das Boots, the kindly and good-hearted U-boat pilot in Dune, the cynical captain in the comedy series Greetings from Parnas, the cynical doctor in Dad’s Army and the sadistic executioner in … Read more

Dracula – The Matthias Schweitzer Movie Review

Matthias Schweighter was born in Nieburg, Germany. He is described as the last surviving member of his family, which was forced to flee to England at the end of World War II because they were Jews. After the war, he worked as a translator and story writer. In the early eighties, he established his own … Read more

The Haunting Of Daniel Brhl – A Book Review

Daniel Brhl is a Scottish playwright and novelist who wrote eight novels which debuted in the 1970s. The series of novels chronicled the rise of the writer John Webster, who at the time of his writing was coming up through an experimental writing program run by his mentor. The series of novels which followed are: … Read more

The Phenomenal Career Of Jay Baruchel

Jay Baruchel is an American actor, writer, director and screenwriter. He’s best known for his role as Hiccup Hogg in the How to Train Your Dragon series, and as Scrooge in the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He’s also appeared in some TV shows, such as Magnum, P.I., Everybody Loves Raymond, Housefull, Gossip Girl and … Read more

Top Five Films by George Michael

Michael Cera is a Canadian-American actor, stand-up comedy artist, singer, and singer. He began his professional acting career as a kid actor, playing a young Chuck Barris on the television series, Chuck. He went on to play several different characters throughout his acting career, including a member of the sheriff in the award-winning film, Dances … Read more

My Top Five Movies For 2021 – Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is an American-American actor, writer, comedian, and actor. He started his acting career starring on the short-lived Canadian teen soap called Hillside and also had small roles in movies before landing the role of comic hero opposite Adam Sandler in the blockbuster comedy Two guys and a girl in 2021. Most recently, he … Read more

Isabelle Adjani – Artist and Legendary Actress

Isabelle Adjani is an award-winning French actress and singer. She is currently the only actress or singer in history to receive five Cesar awards; she has also been nominated for the Best actress in a Leading Role, Best Leading Actor in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role, Best Selling Romance, and … Read more

Audrey Tautou’s DaVinci Code Film Review

Audrey Tautou is an award-winning French actress best known for her leading role as Holly Golightly in the acclaimed movie Love Actually. She first made her professional acting debut in Paris Hilton’s reality series Degrassi, which was cancelled in 2004. She later went on to star in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, … Read more