ANP Decides to Part Ways With Their Beliefs

ANP Decides to Part Ways With Their Beliefs

In Theendale War Room, an ANP named Jake O’Brien is sat in the corner, surrounded by documents and files. He has just read the latest dispatch from the ANP headquarters and is contemplating whether to sign it or not. His thoughts are clouded thanks to a recent upset over a major operation, which has left the organisation in a state of chaos. The whole affair has triggered off a fresh surge of paranoia and unrest within the ANP ranks, with many believing that perhaps Jake is afraid for his life.

Jake knows that he has no choice but to take his leave, but what happens next is anything but simple. His two most trusted lieutenants, Tamsin and Zalwe, have been badly bruised after a vicious fight which left Jake badly scarred. The fact that Jake is now looking for ways to ‘give the project’ an effective overhaul is proof that there is no way they can work together anymore. With the help of some other members of the ANP, Jake determines that the time has come for him to move on and look for greener pastures. It is here, in this precarious period where Jake realises that his methods of dealing with the people at the top of the organisation have gone wrong.

If the entire strength of the ANP were to collapse tomorrow, the whole State apparatus would crumble too, with unthinkable consequences for this country. Jake knows that if this happens there will be no way that the nation can stand up to its creditors, which is exactly what is threatening to bring down the Government just when it needs it the most. Jake goes about looking for someone who can help him, but he soon realises that the man he is seeking is himself. So, in the hope of finding answers to his questions, he decides to join the ANP, but is this the right way to move? Is it better to stay and let others fail, or is it better to start from the beginning and ensure that no-one is left out?

Jake’s journey to joining the ANP can be seen to many ways. On a superficial level, one could say that the journey to becoming an ANP is to climb up the ranks, only to find that they have all been duped. Another reading on the same vein might be that he is a spook, a bad seed, destined to destroy the system. The only problem with these readings is that they don’t make sense.

In the original novel, ‘Open Source’ by Garth Stein, we learn that the ANP is formed because Jake has become convinced that the way things are is wrong. The ways of the State, of course, are based on control, and as a part of their strategy, the ANP is made into a false flag, planted within a group of sleeper agents. This leads them into dangerous situations, risking their lives and those of their friends. In these dangerous times, when everything is uncertain, the need to hold on to what they believe in is more important than anything else. The fact that the ANP have decided to part ways with their beliefs only adds to this tension.

So where does this leave the reader? The answer is in the end. In the end, the reader discovers that the question of why the ANP would choose to change is pointless. Their own survival is the true reason for changing. It’s what will ensure their continued existence.

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