First Choice in a Live-Action remake of a Bank Street Movie

First Choice in a Live-Action remake of a Bank Street Movie Mena Massoud is a South African-born Canadian stand up comedy actor, cartoonist and singer best known for playing the character Vito Spatafore in the animated Disney film Aladdin. He has also appeared in various other media, including the British television show Kung Fu, as … Read more

France Health Insurance

If you are an expatriate in France, getting proper health coverage is something that is very important to consider. Because the government provides health coverage for its citizens, you will need to check with your social security number to determine if you are eligible for any type of France health coverage. Most expatriates get social … Read more

Weight Removal Using Graphing Calculators

The commonest definition of weight in introductory physics classes describes weight as the force applied to a body by gravity acting directly upon it. This is frequently expressed in the following equation W = a, where W is the weight, m the mass of the whole system, and g the gravitational constant. When multiplying these … Read more

Tips For Healthy Eating And Good Nutrition

A healthy diet is one that helps to keep or improve general health. In addition to this, a healthy diet gives the body essential nutrients: minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, all of which are essential for the maintenance and function of healthy organs and tissues. A healthy diet should be composed of a balanced combination of … Read more

Payman Maadi – An Iranian Film Festival Star

Payman Maadi, also called Peyman Moādi (source unknown) is an Iranian-American screenwriter, actor and director. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for his role in About Elly. His other credits include Camelot and Invictus. He is most known for playing opposite Robert DeNiro in the movie, The Godfather.   Like many young Iranians … Read more